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Hinges Line Art

Reinforced security with superior strength and support

Continuous Geared Hinges


Heavy Duty

  • Adds higher grade of security over standard hinges
  • Eliminates door sag and binding
  • Reinforces both door and frame


Level Sag Icon

Level Sag

Eliminates door sag and binding
Security Icon


Adds higher degree of security over standard hinges
Accessibility Icon


Low operating force helps opening to meet ADA
Warranty Icon


10 year warranty


  • 32 Self lubricating concealed bearings per hinge for heavy duty applications
  • Base Material: 6063 T6 aluminum alloy
  • Types: Full Mortise and Full Surface
  • Stock Lengths: 83” and 95”
  • Templating: Templated hole patterns
  • Handing: Non-handed (unless cut in the field)


Choose from a variety of finishes to match any project you may have.

Aluminum Anodized (AL)

Aluminum Anodized (AL)

Dark Bronze Anodized (BZ)