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Key Removable Mullion

Key Removable Mullion



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Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Used to adapt a double door into two single doors


  • Lengths: 7′, 8′, & 10′ lengths – can be cut to length in field
  • Mullion Tube: 2″ Wide x 3″ Depth x 1/8″ Steel
  • Top/Btm. Retainers: Investment cast steel
  • Headcap: Steel with zinc dichromated internal parts


Choose from a variety of finishes to match any project you may have.

Prime Painted Aluminum Anodized (AL)


Special Options

  • Stabilizers, Wall mounted storage kits, Filler blocks & Angle brackets
  • Cylinders: 1 1/8” Mortise Cyl. w/ std. cam (included) – 6 Pin, C Kwy, w/ 2 Keys
  • Optional Cylinders: 1 3/8” Mortise Cyl. for 6 or 7 pin Small format IC core (less core)
  • Heavy Duty Steel construction
  • Easy removal when full width of an opening is required
  • Self locking when reinstalled without needing the key
  • Flush side mounted cylinder is not visible from front
  • Includes 1/8” adjustment shim for fine tuning fitment
  • Increases Security & Minimizes door sag and warpage