CD – 1000 – Cylinder Dogging Kit


  • Part Numbers: CD-1000 33″ for standard length devices & CD-1000 42″ for long devices
  • Application: Cylinder Dogging Kits are used to convert 1000 series devices from standard hex key dogging to key controlled dogging thru a mortise cylinder
  • Operation: Cylinder dogging allows the push bar to be locked down using a key so the exit device can operate in push/pull mode to extend the life of the device
  • For all 1000 series Rim & SVR non fire rated exit devices
  • Non Handed
  • Included Parts: New Slide Cover, Cylinder Dogging Assembly, Mortise Cylinder, Cylinder Collar, Back Plate & Cylinder Retaining Ring
  • Cylinders: 1 1/8″ Mortise Cylinder with std. cam (included) – 6 Pin Brass, C Kwy, with 2 Keys
  • Optional: 1 3/8″ Mortise cylinder housing for 6 or 7 pin Small format IC core (less core)
  • Optional Keyways: 11 Popular competitor keyways available with replacement cylinders
  • Finishes: US3, US4 , US10B, US26, US32D
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty